Edgar J. Elliston,
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Hope International University

Dr. Elliston came as Provost to Hope International University on July 16, 1998 from the School of World Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary. He served there as Professor of Leadership and Development and Associate Dean since 1986. He directed the SWM doctoral programs from 1990 to 1998. Prior to that time he served with Christian Missionary Fellowship for 18 years in Ethiopia and Kenya.

His formal education includes: A.B in Ministries from Manhattan Christian College, M.A. in Missiology from the School of World Mission, Fuller Theological Seminary, Ph.D. in Education from Michigan State University, Diplomas in Amharic and Oromo from the Cooperative Language Institute in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, graduate studies in linguistics and literacy at the University of Oklahoma.

His commitment to leadership development can be traced back through his ministries in Ethiopia and Kenya as well as his work at Fuller and Hope. While in Ethiopia, he designed and oversaw the implementation of an extension training program that involved about 600 men.

Both in Ethiopia and Kenya Eddie worked in publications in the local languages. He assisted in developing literacy materials in both Oromo and Maasai. He developed the first graded reading materials in Oromo. He worked with the Kenyan Bible Society in the translation of the Maasai Bible and graded reading materials to assist in Bible reading. He also collected and edited the first song books / hymnals in both Oromo and Maasai.

While at Fuller and Hope, he served not only as a faculty member and administrator, but as a consultant in leadership development and curriculum development in training programs ranging from non-literate through Ph.D. in about 30 countries. He has mentored masters level and doctoral level research projects with students from about 80 countries.

Some of his books include: Home Grown Leaders, Developing Leaders for Urban Ministry, Completing the Task, Christian Relief and Development and Teaching Obedience in All Things..

He is married to the former Donna Lee Odom. They have three children (Jack, Dona Dea, and David) and six grandchildren.




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